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Introducing DIGEST GOLD...

Doctors discover the REAL culprit behind 75% of 'mystery' ailments and conditions…


But, thanks to this award-winning advance, you can now harness the healing power of one of Nature's biggest secrets to help put an end to symptoms such as...

... chronic fatigue... headaches and brain fog... indigestion and acid reflux... joint pain and stiffness... allergies... skin problems... plus many more...

...for mere pennies, and so fast that symptoms begin to disappear from the very first dose!


Dear health-savvy friend,

Stop me if this sounds familiar...

You've been suffering with indigestion, acid reflux or heartburn for some time now...

And, for no apparent reason, you've begun to experience 'mysterious' symptoms, like:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Headache, brain fog and dizziness
  • Asthma
  • Skin problems
  • Joint pain
  • ...and more.

Your doctor can't explain the cause, but sure as anything he prescribes you a cocktail of drugs to treat the symptoms...

But, these never quite do the trick...

And neither you, nor your doctor, are any closer to nailing the true culprit in this 'whodunnit'...

Welcome to the very real world of 15 million people in the UK – and many, many millions more around the globe - who suffer as a result of their malfunctioning gut.

But, whilst your doctor may keep telling you that your problems are more likely to be in your head than in your gut, latest cutting edge research is proving him wrong..


Good health - and freedom from disease - cannot exist with too few enzymes

If you didn’t have thousands of enzymes beavering away throughout your gastro-intestinal tract then...


...your gut wouldn’t be able to break your food down and digest it properly…


...you wouldn’t be able to absorb all the health-giving nutrients you need in order to produce your body’s stores of energy


...and undigested food particles wouldn’t get carted away as waste


When this happens, a toxic soup of decaying matter begins to leak back into your bloodstream from your colon, and plays havoc with your health causing you all kinds of mystifying symptoms that you and your doctor just can’t unravel.


Thanks to this revolutionary breakthrough in enzyme therapy you can now top up your enzymes with every meal... and give yourself bags more energy at the same time.


The even better news is that - unlike other similar products - this unique patented formulation not only

works throughout your whole gastro-intestinal tract to reduce stress and inflammation in your digestive system, but it's also...

  • THREE times more potent
  • FOUR times more effective
  • And works SIX times faster...

...than the next best product in its class.


Introducing DIGEST GOLD...
The Multi Award-Winning Enzyme Formula


DIGEST GOLD Premium Enzyme Formula rides to the rescue when your gut just can’t keep up with producing all the enzymes you need for proper digestion.


This multi-award winning formula combines THIRTEEN different enzymes in a unique Thera-blend™ formulation...


And whilst each enzyme plays its own critically important, individual role...... together they ensure your digestive system functions in full flowing harmony...like a finely tuned orchestra...


Unique powerhouse formulation is THREE times stronger, SIX times faster-acting... and versatile enough to work in ALL areas of the digestive system

But that’s not all...against other blended products Enzymedica’s Thera-blend™gunned them all down...


Begins Working in TEN short minutes...


So, sign up for a regular monthly shipment, then the job's done!


Order Here 


An easy decision made even easier!
You get perfect digestion in 30 days – or your money back!


And if you take me up on my risk-free guarantee today, I'll promise that you'll neither be disappointed nor that you'll risk a single penny of what I believe will be the best investment in your health that you'll ever make.

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29.09 | 00:08

I have not received a reply from you.From18/9/2017

Do you acknowledge this email.

Please reply to me.

18.09 | 03:22

I ordered copper patches with you over a month ago and have not received them.
My mailing address used was 1 Edward St Woodville South, South Australia 5011

19.11 | 20:15

Hi David The Athrosolve tablets can be obtained from Life Natural Cures.com for £19.98 for a months supply or 44.94 for a 3 month supply

17.11 | 16:38

trying to find out price per 120 tablets thank you David Coleman

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