12. Oct, 2014

Friendship Is God's Most Perfect Gift.

Let’s be adults and face it: Some days in the workplace come close to being unbearable. And on those days, if you have the option, it might be best to just get out. Cut your losses and call a friend to meet you for shopping or dinner. Shift your focus to something more positive, or use your friend’s shoulder to cry on. Your friend will probably know what you need and be more than happy to help you out. After all, part of the joy of a good friendship is being there for the other person when life gets rough—and it does get rough at times for everyone.

If you can’t leave the office and you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe you can call your friend or e-mail her or him. The point is you probably need to feel that someone “gets” you and is in your corner. With all the push, pull and tug that can go on in the workplace (and it happens everywhere, folks, even the good places), you have to develop your own outside support systems—and friends can be invaluable. Good ones are like rocks; they keep us anchored during our personal storms.

If you’re the shy and retiring type, no one can blame you. But it might be good to get out there, take a risk and develop a friendship or two you can rely on. And being there for another person can offer you huge rewards psychologically as well.

It’s probably good to keep in mind the words of Abraham Lincoln—someone who probably needed friends along the difficult path of his presidency: “The better part of one’s life consists of one’s friendships.” 

When friends are nigh to aid and cheer

When those unkind to you are near

When all goes well with what you do

When life is dark and lonely too

God Bless YOU