31. Jan, 2015

Ubiquinol - Support For Every Part Of Your Body

"The only type of CoQ10
you should be taking now"

This Japanese breakthrough can help you achieve higher levels in yourbloodstream, more energy and even better antioxidant protection.

The most bio-available form of CoQ10 ever

If you break open a standard CoQ10 capsule you'll see a familiar orange substance. That's the conventional form of CoQ10 we've known for years. It's called ubiquinone.

For years, scientists struggled to find a way to capture and preserve this "bio-identical" form of CoQ10. The trouble was, Ubiquinol is extremely unstable. It "oxidizes" into ordinary CoQ10 seconds after it's exposed to air or sunlight.

But now, after more than 10 years of research and development, scientists in Japan have found a way to encapsulate this more bio-available form of CoQ10 in a supplement form that's…

8 times better absorbed!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new type of CoQ10 is how bio-available it is. Ubiquinol is absorbed quickly and in high amounts — far higher than regular CoQ10. In fact, studies show that Ubiquinol is absorbed 8 times more efficiently than the standard CoQ10.

That means just 25 mg per day of Ubiquinol provides virtually the same high CoQ10 blood levels as 200 mg of standard CoQ10.

Highest CoQ10 blood levels ever recorded!

So what can higher levels of natural, bioactive CoQ10 in your heart, brain, organs and tissues do for you?

Promotes youthful stamina and energy levels

Improving your CoQ10 to healthy levels can give you back the youthful energy you had years ago.

Other studies show that Ubiquinol reduces exercise-related fatigue 90% better than conventional CoQ10. Supplementing with Ubiquinol is the ideal way to restore and sustain your natural, youthful energy.

Shields your heart, brain and organs from

deadly free radicals

Can boost memory and brain function, too

I also like Ubiquinol for neurological support. Since your brain is extremely metabolically active, CoQ10 helps your neurons make more energy. And when your neurons make more energy, you get better brain function.

Give your immune system the boost it needs

When your immune system goes into battle against illnesses, your immune cells need huge amounts of energy. Research shows the energy boost from Ubiquinol enhances the activity of key immune functions.

Support for every part of your body…

Ubiquinol is so important for energy production and optimal health, it's no wonder it works on so many parts of your body, including:

  • Normalizes blood pressure: 12 clinical trials show it has the potential to help maintain healthy blood pressure without significant side effects.
  • Supports better blood sugar levels. Research shows people with high blood sugar often have up to 74% less Ubiquinol in their systems. So supplementing with Ubiquinol can support your body's ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels. 
  • Restores healthy gums: In several double-blind clinical trials, supplementing with CoQ10 significantly improved gum tissue.
  • Repairs damaged cells and even your DNA: Ubiquinol helps repair and restore healthy cells throughout your body. It also helps build and repair the DNA you need for normal healing and growth. 
  • · Even fosters younger-looking skin! Studies show Ubiquinol may protect your skin against damage from harmful UV rays and the effects of aging.

Ubiquinol is far superior to standard CoQ10. I believe you will get better results for even less money in the long run.

The only type of CoQ10 you should be

taking now

This is the biggest CoQ10 news I've seen in many years. I give Advanced Bionutritionals' Ubiquinol CoQ10 my highest recommendation.

If you are taking regular CoQ10 and not getting the improvement you need, Ubiquinol CoQ10 is for you.

I'm delighted that in these tough economic times, Advanced Bionutritionals has been able to lower the price and make this critical nutrient available to even more people.

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