23. May, 2015


“Smart Mushroom” now shown to

  • Unique compound called “Nerve Growth Factors”(NGF) uncovered in this medicinal fungus has been scientifically shown to help you...
  • Fight off forgetfulness!
  • S-L-O-W brain aging and age-related mental decline!
  • Enhance mental focus and clarity!
  • Say GOODBYE to “senior moments” and brain fog!
  • Get brain cells to “talk” to each other FASTER—for stronger brain power!
  • Improve your balance—and avoid falls!

Research shows this remarkable formula starts to work in 30 minutes or less!

“Memory Loss” miracle for folks over 40!


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Now, there is a new miracle mushroom scientifically proven to RE-GROW brain cells!

Yes, it is quite amazing but new research has uncovered particular medicinal mushroom that may soon help put an end age-related memory decline... foggy thinking... forgetfulness... and brain decay! In fact...

...the superstar mushroom you’re about to discover has now been meticulously tested numerous times and the results have been consistent and stellar. This “smart” mushroom contains the power to...


That’s not a typo — and it’s not science fiction!

It’s happening NOW — to folks just like you — who once suffered from poor memory... lousy concentration... and decreased cognitive function!

My name is Dr. Earl Mindell — and for over 40 years — I’ve revealed cutting edge natural therapies to health-conscious folks to help you live longer... stronger... and healthier. But I’m telling you right now...

...Hold on to your hat — because you’re going to be blown away by this remarkable, new discovery that can virtually help you REVERSE brain aging... and turn the clock back 10... 20... 30 years or more — to the days of clearer and sharper thinking and powerful memory!

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This breakthrough formula is called Cognatol — and it’s available exclusively through Nutricell Health!

In this spectacular formula—you get optimum levels of Lion’s Mane— yes, the optimal levels tested and confirmed by scientific researchers — to GROW healthy brain and nerve cells! But that’s not all...

Lion’s Mane is just ONE of the 5 spectacular medicinal mushrooms you’ll get in every serving of Cognatol!

Scientists have also discovered 4 other powerful mushrooms that ignite brain activity... enhance mental performance... and infuse energy into your brain cells!

And you’ll get them all in Cognatol! Take a look...

Protect brain “headquarters” with Reishi!

The hub of brain activity is in your central nervous system—that’s where all of the coordination of activities to your body occurs. So a malfunction in this area can mean SERIOUS problems such as...

...memory loss... lack of focus and concentration... foggy thinking... misdirected signals to your heart and organs... and even equilibrium problems that can lead to dangerous falls! But guess what?

The remarkable super mushroom called Reishi is the ultimate central nervous system protector! In fact, Reishi is so highly regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine — it’s called “The medicine of kings”!

Here’s how Reishi works to protect your central nervous system:

Your brain and spinal column depends on active immune defenders called microglia cells to seek out plaque deposits... damaged neurons... and infectious agents that can negatively impact your brain health.

But microglia cells can quickly become damaged or worn out from this heavy duty scavenging job.



 5 Powerhouse Brain Supporting Mushrooms in Every Serving of Cognatol!


Lion’s Mane



Experience sharper thinking... stronger memory recall... focused concentration— starting in 30 minutes! Plus you’ll continue to boost your brain power and protect brain cells for decades to come!

I’ve seen firsthand how these 5 potent medicinal mushrooms make your brain come alive... give you nerves of steel... and infuse energy into your brain cells!