12. Jul, 2015

Your Feet Can Now Heal Your Body!


Health Journalists are raving about it -

Already a huge success in over 47 countries

German footwear technology combined with Japanese reflexology can now heal your whole body as you walk!

The average sized man places approximately 37 stone of pressure on each foot when he walks.  For the average sized woman the pressure is approximately 29 stone!

The Japanese have 3 times less heart disease and they generally don't suffer from obesity problems. They are also 6 times less likely to suffer with arthritis than any other nation in the world. 

So what Do They Do That Makes Them So Healthy?

The complete muscular, vascular, posture, skeletal and mental Healing Solution - Literally from Head to Toe!

The healing art of modern foot reflexology is based on ancient Japanese principles that date back six thousand years.  Every part of your sole can significantly affect the health of all the major areas of your body.  This has now been proven again and again by numerous studies and trials carried out by world renowned hospitals and universities. 

BIO REFLEX INSOLES which have taken the very best of Japanese foot reflexology and combined it with cuttng edge German insole and footwear engineering. They are the most comfortabel orthotic insoles availabe anywhere in the world today. They will instantly stop pain in your feet, knees, legs, hips and back.  But this only touches on the real power of these insoles.

Each pair of Bio Reflex Insoles has ten strategically placed reflexology pressure points that go into action immediately as soon as you stand. This triggers a healing power that will prevent, treat and cure a whole range of other health conditions.  And they are made from 100% Genunine Leather. 

Here are the spectacular results you can expect from the first time you wear these remarkable Insoles.

The first benefits you will feel are:


Your soles and the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in your lower limbs will feel relaxed , comfortable and rejuvenated!


Your energy levels will rocket!


Your memory, thought and concentraton process will become more crystallised and dynamic!


Vascular and circulation problems will begin to improve!

Joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis will start to disappear!


Your breathing will become more relaxed and any damage and over-exertion on your heart and other key organs will be reduced!


Your sexual stamina wil be restored to its original strength!


Your posture will naturally self-correct and any stiffness and pain in your neck, back and hips will be alleviated!

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