2. Sep, 2015

Health Alert - Increase Balance And Muscle Strength

The simple exercise that increases balance and muscle strength

One of the things that is sure to happen as we get older is the loss of good balance and leg strength. This not only leads to falls, it leads to the fear of falling, which is almost as bad.


But here's a simple exercise you can do to strengthen your legs. You can do it anywhere at any time. But that's not all it does. For those of you who have good balance it is also a great way to maintain that balance as you get older. Here's how you do it.


Start off standing with the left hand on your hip and your right hand at your side. Then lean forward while lifting your left foot behind you up to the level of your hip and extending your right arm in front of you. In this position, perform a quarter squat on your right leg (a quarter squat means you go down halfway to parallel — don't go down

too far).


Finish the movement by touching your left foot down as you bring your right hand back to your side. Repeat this exercise at least 12 times before switching to the opposite side. And once you get good at this, do it with a dumbbell in your right hand.


Here's the point. Weakness and loss of balance sneak up on us. But you can reverse it. Just get started today with this simple exercise.


Yours for better health,


Extract from Second Opinion Newsletter - Health Alert