6. Sep, 2015

Amazing New Breakthrough Gives You 30 Times Greater Prostate Relief

Thanks to an amazing new breakthrough from doctors in Europe and the USA, it’s now possible to get...

30 Times Greater Prostate Relief In A Single Dose!

Using this new advance, you can say good-bye to annoying and embarrassing prostate problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and problems with urinary flow. And you can protect yourself from more worrying problems like impotence… frequent infections… and even life-threatening disease caused by a malfunctioning prostate gland.

Using this advance, you can permanently halt the hidden cause of what’s bringing down your delicate prostate – two vicious enzymes in your body are conspiring together to turn your prostate from the small, walnut-sized gland it’s supposed to be and leaving it…

Meet Professor Ben Pfeifer, MD… The Doctor behind IMUPROS!

Professor Pfeifer was formerly the Director for Clinical Research at the Aeskulap Clinic in Switzerland, a cutting edge healthcare centre, which combines conventional traditional medicine with complementary methods in the form of clinical holistic medicine.

Professor Pfeifer carried out his medical training in Germany and is regarded as one of the leading Cancer Immunology specialists in the world.


His “Pfeifer Protocol” – A unique and powerful prostate cancer protocol based on natural remedies - is recognised as one of the most successful treatment methods for patients with prostate cancer, with a 65% success rate in patients where conventional treatments have failed.

He has had 59 publications in peer reviewed medical journals, has lectured at the Royal Society of Medicine in London and at the Academy of Sciences in Germany, Russia, USA and Poland. He has won numerous honours, including the Humboldt Prize, awarded to internationally renowned scientists and scholars, and was awarded an Immunological Research Prize in Florida, USA.

Based on his work on prostate health and prostate cancer immunology comes IMUPROS – an all-natural blend of 9 Superstar nutrients designed to fight prostate problems, eliminate common symptoms, protect you from more serious prostate-related problems… and keep your prostate strong, healthy and fully functioning!

IMUPROS is the result of three years of exhaustive research, clinical studies and patient testing to find the right combination of nutrients that have been PROVEN to boost prostate health and vitality.