21. Sep, 2015

Introducing Ωmega 7® 100% Pure Sea Buckthorn oil in a capsule

Do you suffer from dry eyes, dry mouth or intimate dryness?

Do you have dry, wrinkled skin that's lost its elasticity?

Has your hair lost its youthful sheen?

Are your nails brittle and flaky?

Well, here's great news . . .

Scientists re-discover 'rare' natural skin emollient which literally stops your whole body drying out...from the inside... AND melts away the visible signs of ageing by...

Boosting collagen production


Improving the condition of hair, skin and nails


Enhancing your skin's ability to retain moisture


Restoring youthful resilience and plumpness to ageing skin cells and membranes


Alleviating symptoms of the menopause


Omega7. . . So good that 97 per cent of users would recommend it*

And you, too, can begin to experience results
in as quick as 14 days* . . . GUARANTEED!


But, read on because we've barely scratched the surface with this rejuvenating wonder, as you're about to discover...


But all the drops, sprays, creams, lotions and fake injections in the world aren't going to cure your problem and here's why...

It's not a deficiency of Oil of Olay...or Optrex...or foundation make-up that you're suffering from...


Your problem is a worn-out, dried-out mucous membrane...


And it's something that affects more than 75 per cent of people over 50 . . . both men and women.


But the good news is that if you put that right, then everything else just falls into line...and your visible signs of ageing can begin to fade away!


And in just a moment I'm going to tell you EXACTLY how you can do this...so that you wake up feeling renewed and invigorated...your skin smooth and plump with a healthy glow...your eyes resembling clear, limpid pools rather than dark puddles...your, mouth, throat, lungs and nose feeling like they did when you were 20 and full of vigour...


Now you probably know that your mucous membrane - or mucosa – is in your eyes, nose, throat, lungs, urogenital tract and many other parts of your body.


But what you may not know is just how important it is to you.


Not just for keeping your membranes moist... for keeping your skin feeling plump and smooth...stopping your eyes from drying out and becoming red and sore...keeping your nose and throat well lubricated....keeping your lungs free from pollutants and dust...keeping your digestive tract well-oiled so that you can digest food properly...


But probably the most important function of your mucous membrane is...

It's Your Most Crucial Defence Against Bacteria, Germs and Other Harmful invaders.


Introducing Ωmega 7® 100% Pure Sea Buckthorn oil in a capsule...so good it was voted "Best Supplement of the Year"