30. Sep, 2015

Bio-Glucan Plus™ Introducing your immune system’s long lost friend!



Bio-Glucan Plus™
Introducing your immune system’s
long lost friend!


Bio-Glucan Plus™ is the greatest asset to your health since Queen Victoria ruled, when beta glucans were a normal part of the food chain.


By Cutting off 'disease pathways' BEFORE they get established we can prevent stress and trauma inflaming and ravaging every cell in your body and leaving us prone to cancer, heart disease, pneumonia and more, our bodies hold an incredible secret deep within you, just waiting for the hidden key to unlock it and activate our body's defences.

It can snuff out these disease pathways BEFORE they have a chance to establish themselves... 

 discover the dramatic new breakthrough that can armour-plate your immune system to repel ANY infectious invader.



New, Improved Formula!
Bio-Glucan Plus™ has THREE immune-boosting, disease-busting super-nutrients contained in ONEsingle pill...


If Bio-Glucan Plus™ ONLY contained beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans, then it would still probably be the most effective antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal antioxidant and anti-radiation nutrient your body could have . . .


But the makers decided to make the best even better by adding TWOgame-changing ingredients.



These two additional immune-system boosters will give your body ADDED protection against infection and inflammation, and provide you with  increased 'super-immunity' for killing viruses, blasting bacteria, neutralising fungus, eliminating allergies... plus helping you defy the humiliating effects of aging...


'Super-immunity' booster #1:



The importance of Vitamin D cannot be overstated.  Not only is it vital for a healthy immune system, it also plays a key role in protecting you from svere chronic illnesses, like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.


The fact is that many of us are so depleted in Vitamin D (due to lack of regular exposure to sunshine, particularly in Northern hemisphere countries) that we need far in excess of the 400 IU daily intake that the authorities recommend as the minimum requirement for avoiding a deficiency. 


The benefits of vitamin D have been confirmed by countless studies too numerous to list them all.


'Super-immunity' booster #2:


The trace mineral selenium has been scientifically shown to be an essential element in building a healthy immune system. Researchers have determined that immune response was significantly boosted in subjects who receive selenium supplements, compared to the placebo group. In addition, subjects who took selenium cleared the virus from their bodies faster than the placebo subjects.