31. Jan, 2016

Treasury Of Health Remedies

Dear Friends

I have today received very important information from Rachael Linkie the Editor of Journal of Natural Health Solutions in which she offers all, or any of you who have a health challenge to watch the video given in her letter, and take necesssary action to safe guard your health in every possible way. 


Attention British Citizens,   31.1.16

If you were born before October 1960, you're at Immediate Risk. 

There is a potentially deadly conspiracy that is sweeping Britain, and if you're over 55, you're particularly at risk... 

This is a conspiracy so corrupt, it makes the MPs' expenses scandal, the European horse meat fiasco, and even the hospital superbug crisis look innocent by comparison. This is an urgent warning and is not being reported by most mainstream media. 

To learn how to protect yourself and your family, please click here for this informational presentation. 

Please, do not delay. Get the complete details on the warning here. 

Yours in health, 

Rachael Linkie 
Journal of Natural Health Solutions 

P.S. According to a landmark University of Liverpool study, this conspiracy could be responsible for more than one death EVERY HOUR! Please protect yourself by going here.