27. Feb, 2016

Statins CAUSE hardened arteries & heart failure

Dear Health Conscious Friends

Rachael Linkie, Editor, Agora Health kindly give us all, a serious warning on the use of Statins, and gives us very important information on how to combat it, even when you have been using it for over a long perod. 


Statins CAUSE hardened arteries & heart failure

Yes, you did read the headline correctly... 

And yes... statins, Big Pharma's Wonder Drugs — the ones they want dished out to just about everyone over a certain age who'll take them — can actually cause cardiovascular disease! 

If it weren't so serious, I'd be falling off my office chair laughing. 

To fill you in on the details… 

Published in the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, a new study concludes that statins may actually be 'causative in coronary artery calcification' and 'can function as mitochondrial toxins that impair muscle function in the heart and blood vessels through the depletion of coenzyme Q10 and 'heme A', and thereby ATP generation'. 

In plain English, instead of decreasing the risk, statins can actually CAUSE "furred-up arteries" (atherosclerosis). And by destroying your CoQ10 reserves, statins rob your heart of muscle energy (ATP)... 

...and since your heart is a muscle, that's a pretty big deal! 

Give your heart back its spark! Here's how… 

In short: statins can cause the very problems they're intended to prevent.

Brilliant. Big Pharma strikes again! 

The authors conclude: "Thus the epidemic of heart failure and atherosclerosis that plagues the modern world may paradoxically be aggravated by the pervasive use of statin drugs. 

"We propose that current statin treatment guidelines be critically re-evaluated.

No argument here! 

(I do need to make the point that you should not suddenly stop taking statins; please see your healthcare professional for guidance on weaning off them.) 

So, statins deplete you of CoQ10, the very nutrient your heart needs to function properly. 

But if you're taking, or have taken, statins — or even if you haven't — there's one easy, naturally effective thing you CAN do to help PROTECT you and those you love from heart disease and stroke

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Yours sincerely, 

Rachael Linkie 
Agora Health