15. Sep, 2016

Every Year More Than 150,000 People Die From Cardiovascular Heart Disease


Before you or anyone you care about takes another statin, you need to see this… 

The pills your doctor has told you to take have potentially DEADLY side effects! 

And EVEN HE may not be aware of them… 

7 million people are now taking statins in the UK. That's 1 in 3 of us over the age of 40. They are the MOST COMMON cholesterol drugs out there. 

And they could be doing more harm than good! 

If you or anyone you love is taking statins, you have to see this! 

We'll show you how you could lower your cholesterol naturally and protect your heart. With NO side effects!


Now you have seen the video I am sure you would like to take this action to counteract the side effects of the Statins that you are taking.


My strong advice is to take a supplement of CoQ10. It improves blood flow to the heart muscle, enhances arterial elasticity and lowers blood pressure – in fact it can be just as effective as many anti-hypertensive drugs but without the side effects. The ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is up to eight times more potent than standard CoQ10 because it is delivered to the cells already in its active form and so cuts out what may otherwise be an inefficient conversion process of CoQ10 to ubiquinol. Human studies show that this active form of ubiquinol releases vital energy from your cells and counteracts the effects of disease and ageing.


Here are a few more tips to reduce your cardiovascular risks – Lose weight and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Obesity increases the likelihood of a blood clot as it slows the blood flow within your arteries and generally makes your body less able to cope with any interruptions to your blood flow.


Sit less and move more. No matter how often you exercise, the time you spend sitting raises the odds of heart disease, even gentle forms of exercise, such as walking, can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels significantly, regulate your heart rate and improve the health of your arteries.


Don’t drink too much alcohol – it can damage the heart muscle and cause abnormal rhythms.


Keep your blood pressure within a healthy range –as high blood pressure is the number one cause of heart disease.


Take curcumin, an incredible herbal al-rounder for keeping your arteries and heart healthy, combating diabetes and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis.


By taking action, in using these healthy lifestyle positive changes, you can stop atherosclerosis (furring up of arteries) and lower the risk of a heart attack.