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12. Sep, 2016

I received this daily health alert, today from Editor Francois Lubbe supplying us with very interesting details on our intake of Salt, he explains just how much our body needs it, contrary to the mainstream constant warnings of the dangers of salt. I am sure it will be a relief to enjoy the tasty food enhanced with sufficient salt.


Dear Daily Health Member, 

Listen to any mainstream dietary advice and you'll hear that you have to reduce your salt intake. 

Why? Well, because it increases your blood pressure and it's bad for your heart health… right? 

Low-salt high risk? 

Previously, we told you how the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) asked three teams of researchers to "crunch some numbers" from salt studies. 

It turned out that the researchers couldn't give any actual results, they just came out with what appeared to be some made-up statistics and percentages and cooked-up this insane recommendation: 

Salt intake should be cut by more than half. In 10 years, this would prevent 1.2 million premature deaths. 

The truth is, the mainstream's obsession with the so-called dangers of salt could actually put your health at risk. And this is especially true for the elderly… and there are real studies to back this up: 

  1. A large 2011 study linked lower salt intake with higher heart disease mortality. 
  2. Three different trials tested low-salt diets on patients with kidney disease and heart failure. The results linked low-sodium diets to a higher risk of cardiovascular events and death. 
  3. German research shows that low blood levels of sodium are common among the elderly. Symptoms include fatigue, confusion, and poor balance. But doctors usually just dismiss these symptoms as problems of old age. 

And now, the latest study out of Canada shows that eating too little salt could potentially be fatal. 

For this recent study, researchers looked at more than 130,000 from all around the world with both high and normal blood pressure to determine if there was any link between salt (sodium chloride) intake and heart disease, stroke, or death. 

The results showed that if you suffer with high blood pressure and you are consuming less than 3,000 mg of salt daily, you are at a 34 per cent higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke. 

And if you have normal blood pressure, a low-sodium diet of less than 3,000mg a day can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke by 26 per cent. 

The fact is, your body uses salt for optimal muscle and nerve function. And sodium is crucial to restoring your electrolyte balance – especially after an illness or strenuous exercise. 

And when it comes to the damaging effects of salt… well, researchers found that you need to consume more than 6,000mg of salt daily. 

That's a lot of salt. 

According to this latest study, consuming about 3,400mg of sodium daily would be considered a "safe" amount. 

You can easily avoid going overboard with salt by trying a pinch of kosher salt – which has a courser grain – or even flaky sea salt. Both these varieties are quite flavoursome so you don't need to add a lot to season your food. 

Until next time, 

Francois Lubbe

24. Aug, 2016

Doctors discover the REAL culprit behind 75% of 'mystery' ailments and conditions…


But, thanks to this award-winning advance, you can now harness the healing power of one of Nature's biggest secrets to help put an end to symptoms such as...

... chronic fatigue... headaches and brain fog... indigestion and acid reflux... joint pain and stiffness... allergies... skin problems... plus many more...

...for mere pennies, and so fast that symptoms begin to disappear from the very first dose!


Dear health-savvy friend,

Stop me if this sounds familiar...

You've been suffering with indigestion, acid reflux or heartburn for some time now...

And, for no apparent reason, you've begun to experience 'mysterious' symptoms, like:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Headache, brain fog and dizziness
  • Asthma
  • Skin problems
  • Joint pain
  • ...and more.

Your doctor can't explain the cause, but sure as anything he prescribes you a cocktail of drugs to treat the symptoms...

But, these never quite do the trick...

And neither you, nor your doctor, are any closer to nailing the true culprit in this 'whodunnit'...

Welcome to the very real world of 15 million people in the UK – and many, many millions more around the globe - who suffer as a result of their malfunctioning gut.

But, whilst your doctor may keep telling you that your problems are more likely to be in your head than in your gut, latest cutting edge research is proving him wrong..


Good health - and freedom from disease - cannot exist with too few enzymes

If you didn’t have thousands of enzymes beavering away throughout your gastro-intestinal tract then...


...your gut wouldn’t be able to break your food down and digest it properly…


...you wouldn’t be able to absorb all the health-giving nutrients you need in order to produce your body’s stores of energy


...and undigested food particles wouldn’t get carted away as waste


When this happens, a toxic soup of decaying matter begins to leak back into your bloodstream from your colon, and plays havoc with your health causing you all kinds of mystifying symptoms that you and your doctor just can’t unravel.


Thanks to this revolutionary breakthrough in enzyme therapy you can now top up your enzymes with every meal... and give yourself bags more energy at the same time.


The even better news is that - unlike other similar products - this unique patented formulation not only

works throughout your whole gastro-intestinal tract to reduce stress and inflammation in your digestive system, but it's also...

  • THREE times more potent
  • FOUR times more effective
  • And works SIX times faster...

...than the next best product in its class.


Introducing DIGEST GOLD...
The Multi Award-Winning Enzyme Formula


DIGEST GOLD Premium Enzyme Formula rides to the rescue when your gut just can’t keep up with producing all the enzymes you need for proper digestion.


This multi-award winning formula combines THIRTEEN different enzymes in a unique Thera-blend™ formulation...


And whilst each enzyme plays its own critically important, individual role...... together they ensure your digestive system functions in full flowing harmony...like a finely tuned orchestra...


Unique powerhouse formulation is THREE times stronger, SIX times faster-acting... and versatile enough to work in ALL areas of the digestive system

But that’s not all...against other blended products Enzymedica’s Thera-blend™gunned them all down...


Begins Working in TEN short minutes...


So, sign up for a regular monthly shipment, then the job's done!


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An easy decision made even easier!
You get perfect digestion in 30 days – or your money back!


And if you take me up on my risk-free guarantee today, I'll promise that you'll neither be disappointed nor that you'll risk a single penny of what I believe will be the best investment in your health that you'll ever make.

3. Jun, 2016


For nearly 30 years, I was an advocate of fish oil.
But today, I’m telling my patients to:

“Forget fish oil, forever!
I’ve just found something

800% better!”


This new discovery is revolutionizing the way I’m helping my patients look, act and feel younger and overcome their worst health problems. It’s a secret that helps unleash the full power of Omega-3 fatty acids—something that’s three generations ahead of any fish oil!


Now, I’ve found something light years ahead — something far better that solves the hidden problems of fish oil. It brings together, for the first time in medical history, TWO UNIQUE SOURCES OF OMEGA-3s that solve all of the problems of fish oil and unleash the full healing power of Omega-3s.

Best yet, it’s now available to you in a new one-each day soft gel - called:

Omega Rejuvenol

This anti-aging formula brought to you by the cutting-edge laboratories at Primal Force, will not only boost your heart health and fight ongoing heart concerns... ...but it will also support healthy cholesterol, sharp vision, great blood sugar, terrific triglycerides, smooth moving joints and great memory... all while saving you loads of time and money!


This is why I’ve added this unique squid oil to my supercharged, super-rich Omega Rejuvenol. Each daily serving gives you a healthy supply of squid oil (calamarine oil), making Omega Rejuvenol like a DHA express train!


You’ll feel like a NEW YOU with Omega Rejuvenol!


  • Learn new things—like complicated computer skills or a foreign language
  • Keep up with the younger generation—holding your own in conversations or in tasks that require a sharp mind
  • Recapture your most treasured memories—a special family gathering or a significant event in your life
  • Take care of all your personal and financial matters with ease, giving you confidence and independence


That’So how much would you expect to pay for your very own supply of the heart-heath boosting, cardiovascular-system supporting, energy feeling Omega Rejuvenol formula?


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11. May, 2016

Have you tried SNS on your nails?



This new manicure technique is unlike Shellac, is more durable and flexible than traditional acrylics and provides more strength than many gels.


Studies have found that the UV radiation produced by a nail-drying lamp, used constantly over many visits for a manicure, may produce enough exposure to cause skin damage. 



One very good incentive to try SNS is the fact that you can have perfect nails without the use for a lamp and the risk of skin damage. 



There are multiple benefits in its use, it looks natural and is thinner than other options like shellac and acrylic nails. The powder used provides more strength than many gels.


It is soon becoming the most popular choice with both consumers and nail technicians.


While the product itself does not cause damage to the nail, there still remains the fact that damage can occur in the removal when the surface is sanded off. To ensure your nail will remains intact it should be removed correctly by a professional.


This multi-step SNS process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create a long lasting nails with exceptional durability and shine.


The application does not use harsh chemicals, it eliminates the odour that are typically associated with acrylic and gels.  


The SNS process represents a completely new technology in nail enhancement.  


Older methods such as acrylic and gels create a barrier that can cause weak, brittle nails and can even promote the growth of fungus on the nail bed.  


Signature nails are water resistant, yet they allow natural nails to breathe, enabling them to grow long and strong.


 This innovative SNS technology was developed by a group of Nail Professionals with decades of industry experience.  

If you are allergic to acrylic then SNS is for you!  Signature Nails are light weight and flexible. It is designed to feel like real nails yet they are also more durable than acrylic.  


Unlike acrylic and gels, Signature Nails does not bond to the cuticle and are healthier for the natural nail bed.


Signature Nails are:

- Odour free  

- No damage to nail bed 

- Resistant to chipping & Cracking

- Water resistant 

- Healthy for your real nail by adding calcium & vitamin E



-Maintenance free


Signature Nails are maintenance free with a natural look that does not require nail polish.  The SNS process is not harmful to your nails, in fact it can help damaged nails grow back healthier and stronger.


10. May, 2016

Here is an important and refreshing note about dental care with the necessary information to use an amazing way to get total cleaning results for your teeth.

 The Japanese, like the Americans, are renowned for their strong, white teeth. However, the Japanese differ in that they don’t spend a fortune on cosmetic dentistry to achieve a film-star smile. So what is their secret? Millions of people in Japan rely on an amazing plaque-destroying toothbrush that is powered by light and works without toothpaste! Better still, the Soladey-2 ionic toothbrush can even help to prevent gingivitis.

The good news is that this remarkable toothbrush is now available in the UK.


The ionic toothbrush is able to neutralise harmful acid that contributes to plaque

The Soladey-2 ionic toothbrush looks like an ordinary toothbrush, but it has a photosensitive titanium oxide rod that runs through the replaceable bristle head and into the handle.


This rod, when activated by light, produces negatively charged electrons (ions) that help to break the bond between plaque and the enamel of the teeth. The titanium oxide rod can be activated by any light source (either natural or artificial).

The ions that it releases blend with saliva to attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque. This has the effect of neutralising the acid, and the plaque disintegrates. The user runs the bristles under water, then brushes their teeth thoroughly in the same way as with an ordinary toothbrush – adding toothpaste if it is their preference.


At first you might find it peculiar to use it without toothpaste – but it is so efficient that you couldn’t argue with the technology

The other difference with the ionic toothbrush is that you have to face the light when using it, and you will find that the ionic toothbrush dissolves the plaque into foam.


Studies reveal improved oral hygiene as a result of the ionic toothbrush

The Soladey-2 ionic toothbrush handle and rod are said to last for several years and replacement heads are cheap and readily available. The cost generally works out to about the same as using and replacing conventional toothbrushes. Below are more details if you would like to try it.


Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush

Light Activated Ionic Toothbrush 

 from http://www.highernature.co.uk


8 Reviews| Write a Review

This Ionic Toothbrush contains a photosensitive titanium dioxide rod. When exposed to light and water, the rod releases ions which help to remove dental plaque.

  • Patented ionic oral care
  • Hi-tech plaque fighter
  • Promotes easier flossing
  • Anti-bacterial titanium rod
  • Attacks stubborn stains
  • Oxygenating cleaning power

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wet the brush and rod (saliva is sufficient in case water is unavailable) and find the brightest light available (natural or artificial) for brushing. The light source must be sufficient to power a calculator. With toothpaste, use only a small amount. When brushing, grip the handle high enough that the solar panel remains uncovered, allowing light to reach it. Brush teeth after meals or at least twice a day when possible. Follow your dentist’s recommendations.

The toothbrush can last a lifetime if used correctly. To keep the rod in good condition or change the brush head, remove the head by pulling the handle out straight along the axis without twisting or bending and then clean with a brush or replace by pushing the new head onto the handle.


 Please note that the Ionic Toothbrush is supplied with a soft head. It also includes a spare (soft) head and a head cover to keep your toothbrush clean when travelling.

It is advisable to change the head every 3 months

You can order replacement heads here