16. May, 2017

NowLifestyle.com - Shares What We Have With The World

Hey... I just got this email from my good friend Joel Therien and I wanted to forward it to you!!

Dear Friends,

I know that I have been emailing you a lot about NowLifestyle.com only because as I tell all of you...

"If you believe in your product and it serves the universe then it is your absolute moral obligation to sell it."

For the past 3 months NowLIfestyle.com has been in the Pre Enrollment phase looking for top leaders in the Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Industry.

I love GVO & Pureleverage because it has changed the lives of thousands of people and made 9 millionaires. However, because GVO & Pureleverage are business to business tools I have always felt a deeper calling...

Because of technology and video games and bad lifestyle changes it is estimated by the "World Health Organization" that for the very first time ever today's children will NOT live as old as their parents or grand parents did on average!!


[+] Kids for the first time will not live as old as their parents
[+] Obesity is now and Epidemic
[+] Diabetes is also an epidemic
[+] More drugs are being prescribed than ever before for Heart disease and congestive heart failure

[+] People would not have to die every single day from preventable diseases if they only knew about 7 minute workout & NowLifestyle.com

Again, I love GVO, Pureleverage and my life. But an auto responder, web hosting, video streaming and other tools we provide simply doesn't save lives!!!

NowLifestyle.com does!!!

Can you understand our higher calling?..

Can you understand why it is all our moral obligation to share what we have with the world?

[Please watch this video I shot for you this is your very last chance]

I don't only want you as part of the team, frankly I need you. I can't do this alone, 

Right now we are still in the "Pre Enrollment" phase of what will be a billion dollar per year enterprise in the next 5 years!!

[Please join the movement.. you will love what we are about to do]

Regardless Dot, thank you for a dream come true for myself and so many others. We have hit thousands.. but millions will be touched by this health and wellness platform thanks to you!!

See you at the top!!