XGO PRO "Ego" Electronic Cigarette

Change to a New World of Flavour

Here is some important and valuable information on Electronic Cigarettes.  Many users have tried and have met repeatedly with disappointment, in many aspect of the e-cigarettes available.  However here is information from an industry insider that offers the opportunity to smoke what is known as an “ego” electronic cigarette.  This tested and tried version is the XGO PRO which comes with an instant refund, if not delighted guarantee.

The XGO PRO device has some distinguishing improved properties on the traditional e-cigarettes and is designed to last for years. It is best matched with a tobacco cigarette, by the volume of vapour a user can inhale with each puff and excludes the nasty chemicals and toxins.  Your decision to try it will convince you of the extraordinary difference between the traditional and the XGO PRO.

In spite of being slightly more expensive, it pays for itself almost instantly, as the built in power supply lasts for years, with refills that are substantially cheaper.

As it is tobacco free it can be smoked every where, bars, offices and places where the smoking ban is enforced.  If you switch to the XGO PRO you would be spending just £9.99 a month a major saving on your 2 packs a week, that is about £56 per month.

A further important enhancement in the XGO PRO is that there can be no accidental turn on, the button is simply held down, it turns blue for your puffing pleasure, then turns off immediately on release of the button, to pop back into your pocket with no wastage or worry of ashes and smell.

There is a selection of flavours to choose from when buying additional refills at £9.99 each, one that can prove to be a great favourite is Real cigarette GOLD , a strong Virginia flavour that tastes and smokes like your favourite cigarettes without the nasty chemicals.  The hit it delivers of instant and intense deep tobacco flavour in your mouth is amazingly realistic with the added advantage of being guilt free.   

Choose the XGO PRO and enjoy your choice of flavour Light, Menthol  Ice or Gold.

There is no ulterior motive on my part by giving you this information, it is not a hard sell. Check it out for yourself with this direct link.  For Healthy Living