Thermography Can Efficiently Predict Breast Cancer Risk

With regard to mammograms the idea of early detection is well supported by everyone but based on all the most recent research the mammogram appears to be an unnecessary exposure of women to needless radiation which in some cases could have an adverse effect.

The alternative to mammograms is a new breast cancer screening technology called thermography it is unlike mammograms, as it does not use radiation, and does not require painful compression of the breast, it is much more like having your picture taken.

Thermography can efficiently predict Breast Cancer Risk 10 year before mammograms as it measures the infrared heat in different parts of your body and displays it as a thermal image. These heat patterns indicate inflammation or blood flow that predicts where cancer has the potential to develop. 

The result of a mammogram can only offer you the information that you have cancer, but cannot give you the necessary alert, as to where cancer has the potential to develop, to ensure you can take action to avoid the crisis and further operations that follow.  Studies show it is 10 times more significant in predicting whether you will get breast cancer than your family history.

Thermography works even more effectively for women who have dense connective tissues that appear white on a mammogram, like cancer, and could give a false positive. These dense connective tissues can also hide tumors and be missed on a mammogram.  It is important to undersand that thermography does not diagnose cancer but alerts you well in advance so you can take all necessary action to prevent it happening.

Prevention is better than cure, so if you are concerned about breast health take action by reducing your estrogen level as estrogen feeds breast cancer. The best method to regulate estrogen is with flaxseed as studies show a daily intake of flaxseed in smoothies, yogurt, muffins and breads can protect against breast cancer. Faxseed oil capsules are also available in many health food stores.

Flaxseed reduces inflammation effectively as it is rich in omega 3s which encourages cancer cells to self-destruct (apoptosis). Usage of other supplements of omega 3s are available in fish oil, salmon and tuna.

A compound, diindolymethane(short named DIM) which is actually produced naturally in your body, and found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower, is another way to fight inflammation and balance your estrogen level.  DIM breaks down excess estrogen and washes it out of your blood through your urine, and it naturally rids your system of potentially toxic build up of estrogen. It can be used effectively by both men and women.  However please note that reducing your estrogen level too fast can have the effect of a severe headache, which is due to the drop from a high level of estrogen, this happily disappears in a day.