11. Jun, 2018

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The Perfect Sleep Solution

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DreamLogic features ETAS™, a brand new breakthrough in natural sleep science. ETAS is a proprietary asparagus stem extract that reduces stress and improves sleep by triggering the release of heat shock proteins in the body.

These proteins are responsible for the rejuvenating, relaxing benefits you get from high-end spa treatments and exotic hot springs. But thanks to ETAS, you can feel this same sense of tranquility day after day -- and night after night -- right at home.

 DreamLogic also includes L-Theanine -- the natural amino acid responsible for the soothing effects of a nice, warm cup of green tea -- as well as a small dose of melatonin, your body’s essential sleep-regulator. 

And don't forget. If you find you're not satisfied with DreamLogic for any reason, just let us know and we'll issue you a prompt refund of the entire purchase price (minus shipping). No questions asked! With an iron-clad guarantee like that...there's no reason to wait.